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Jyotishvid(Mumbai),Jyotishvisard(Mumbai),Vastu Visard(Indore),Aroma Therapist(Kannuj)

He is reputed name in the field at Vastu, Astrology, Numerology, Body Healing, Aroma Therapy.He is also an Establised in Astrovastu.

He has successfully completed “Essential Oil,perfumery & Aromatherapy” From MSME-Technology Development Center Frangunie and Flavour Development Center.A Govt.of India Autonomous Body,Ministry of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises,Kannauj.

He has a Unique Method of Relation Between Human Body And House,Office,Factories,Shops,Educational Premises and other Commercial Structures.His 3d Energy Solution can cure almost of your problems.his remedial solution can bring joy,peace,human growth,good health,harmoney etc.Chetan Goswami has been doing if more than 11 years from 2007.

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Excelled career is important for every person and to achieve high sky one should be cognizant of every sphere of life that can yield good results
An Institution which gives a start to new life, achievements in the form of love, support, and identity is marriage. Our Ancient scriptures have defined marriage as a pious relation
Good infrastructure of Hotels attract bountiful of visitors, thus enhancing the profit to order to make hospitality more comforting.
In astrology Planet Mars rules the courage and confidence. Occupation wise Mars represents military, soldiers, warriors, builders, engineers and real estate business.
Doshas and remedies are the part and parcel of vedic astrology and has been practiced since the inception of vedic astrology.
This ancient science involves the principles of design, space arrangement, and spatial geometry applied in compliance with the five basic elements
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